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Form 82040 is the application for title for the purchaser.  A completed 82040 should be submitted with every title you give to us for processing.  This is a multi-use form, so don’t feel like every box needs to have something in it.  Some of the sections may not apply to your particular transaction.


There are a couple of general guidelines you should follow with this form:


  • No errors, cross-outs, write-overs. If you make an error, please complete a new 82040


  • All applicants must sign this form - Let’s review this section by section.

Section 1 Owner/Applicant Information


This is the personal information section. 


  1. Application Type (check the appropriate box)

Is it an original- MCO or out of state title becoming a FL title for the first time?

Or, is it a current Florida title and you’re just transferring ownership?


  1. Vehicle Type (check the appropriate box)
    1. Off-Highway Vehicle (ATV)
    2. Motor Vehicle (This includes Trailers and Motorcycles)
    3. Mobile Home
    4. Vessel


  1. Check this box if you are requesting the title to be printed

This is if you are requesting a paper title as opposed to an electronic title.
*** This choice will affect the fees you charge***


  1. Are you a Florida resident/Are you an alien? (check the appropriate boxes)

These boxes apply to both the owner and co-owner (if applicable).


  1. “OR” / “AND” (check the appropriate box)

How do your customers want their names joined; the conjunction “or” or “and”?

  1. OR- requires only one signature for future title transactions
  2. AND- requires all signatures for future title transactions


  1. Owner’s County of Residence

Where do they claim residency?  This is for sales tax purposes.


  1. Owner’s name

Please complete this row completely with:

  1. Owner’s name
    1. Owner’s e-mail address (optional)
    2. Owner’s DOB
    3. Owner’s Sex
  2. Owner’s Florida Driver License number


*If your customer does not have a Florida Driver License number, remember to include a copy of their Identification with your work.


If your customer is a business, remember to include the appropriate business information



  1. Co-Owner’s name

All the information included with Owner (#7) should be included for the co-owner as well.


  1. Owner’s Mailing Address

This is a mandatory field.  The information should be taken from the Driver License.


  1. Co-Owner’s Mailing Address

If the co-owner shares the same address as the owner SAA (Same As Above) can be entered.


  1. Owner’s Physical Address

This is also mandatory.  If the mailing address and physical address are the same, SAA can be entered.


  1. Mobile Home Physical Location

We want to know the physical address of the Mobile Home.  If this situation doesn’t apply, leave it blank.


  1. Mail to Customer Name

If your customer wants the title mailed to a different person, complete this row.


  1. Mail to Customer Address

If your customer wants the title mailed to a different address, complete this row.



Section 2 Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel Description


  1. Vehicle / Vessel Identification Number

Enter either the 17-digit VIN or the 12-digit Hull Identification Number (HIN).


  1. Make / Manufacturer

Enter the Make or the Manufacturer information here.


  1. Year

Enter the Year of the Vehicle/Vessel.


  1. Body

If this is a Vessel VS goes here / If this is a Mobile Home, MH goes here.


  1. Color

Enter the color for Motor Vehicles - Think primary colors


  1. Florida Title Number

If applicable, enter the Florida Title Number.


  1. Previous State of Issue

If the title you are submitting is from another state, please write that state’s

abbreviation in this space.


  1. License Plate or Vessel Registration Number

If this is for a Motor Vehicle:

Enter the plate number to transfer.

If there is no plate to transfer enter the word, “NEW.”

If you want a specialty plate, enter that info here.


If this is for a Vessel:

Enter the FL number.


  1. Weight

This is a required field.

If you have a FL title, the weight will be shown on the face of the title.

If you have an Out of State title, you must provide the weight.


  1. Length

For Vessels and Mobile Homes.  Provide the length in Feet and Inches.


  1. BHP/CC

This field is for Motorcycles and Mopeds.  Please enter the CCs.


  1. GVW/LOC

GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight and is for Trucks with an empty weight over 5000 pounds.  The owner is required to declare the GVW. 

LOC stands for the Location Code of a Mobile Home.


  1. Van Use, If Applicable

If the motor vehicle is a van, check the appropriate box.  If it is a cargo van, and

the empty weight is over 5000 pounds, the owner will have to declare a GVW

(see #12)




Fields 28 – 35 are specifically for Vessels:


  1. Type (check the appropriate box)

This field is for vessels.  What type of vessel is it? 


  1. Hull Material (check the appropriate box)

This field is also for vessels.  What is the hull material? 


  1. Propulsion (check the appropriate box)

This field is also for vessels.  What kind of motor does the vessel have?


  1. Fuel (check the appropriate box)

This field is for vessels.  What kind of fuel does the vessel use? 


  1. Draft of Vessel

If the vessel is 26 feet or longer, draft feet or inches needs to be entered here.


  1. Use of Vessel (check the appropriate box)

Will the new owner register the vessel as pleasure or commercial? 


  1. Previous Out of State Registration Number

If the title you are submitting is an Out of State title, please list the prior registration number in this area.


  1. Previously Federally Documented Vessel (check the appropriate box)

If the vessel was previously documented and is coming out of documentation, attach the supporting paperwork.



Section 3 Brands, Usage and Type


  1. Check all applicable boxes

If the vehicle is branded, check the appropriate boxes in this section.  Also, what is the “use” of the vehicle or vessel…is it being leased or is it private?



Section 4 Lienholder Information


If your customer has a lien on this vehicle, that information goes in this area.


  1. Verify if ELT Customer

Most lienholders have “signed up” to have their titles held electronically.  This means they do not want a paper title printed and mailed to them.  They want an electronic version.  Be sure to check the ELT list to see if your customer’s lienholder wants an electronic title. 


  1. FEID#, DL#, or DMV Account#

If the lienholder is on the ELT list, their DMV Account # and FEID # will also show on the ELT list. 


If the lienholder is not on the ELT list, please provide their FEID # in this field.


  1. Date of Lien

      Insert the date of the lien in this field.


  1. Lienholder’s Name

      Insert the Lienholder’s name in this field.


  1. Lienholder’s E-mail Address

      If you have this information, it can be entered here.  If not, it can be left blank.


  1. Lienholder’s Address

      Please complete this section with the Lienholder’s address.


  1. Lienholder Authorization to have the Title Mailed to the Customer

      Florida is a non-title-holding state.  This means that titles with liens are sent to

      the lienholder.  The lienholder can authorize the title to be sent to the owner by

      checking this box (except for vessels) and signing in the signature area next to it.



Section 5 Transfer Type


How did Ownership Change?


  1. How was the Vehicle/Vessel/Mobile Home Acquired? (check the appropriate box)

Sale, gift, repossession, court order, other.


  1. Date Acquired

Enter the Date of Sale in this section.


Section 6 Odometer Declaration


The odometer reading, date, and certification go in this area.


  1. 5 or 6 Digit Odometer (check the appropriate box)

Does the odometer have 5 digits for the reading or 6? 

Digital odometers usually are 6 digits.


  1. Odometer Declaration

Place the odometer reading in these boxes.  If the odometer is exempt, place the word “EXEMPT” in the boxes. 


  1. Date

Enter the date the odometer reading is being recorded.


  1. Attestment (check the appropriate box)
  • Actual
  • In Excess
  • Not Actual



Section 7 Sales Tax Report and Vehicle Trade-In Information


In this section, sales tax collected is recorded.  Double check that the amount of sales tax reported here matches the amount of sales tax reported on the title.  Additionally, this is where any trade in information is recorded.


  1. Florida Sales Tax Registration Number

Enter your sales tax ID number here.


  1. Date of Sale

Enter the sale date here.


  1. Dealer License Number

Enter your Dealer License number.


  1. Amount of Tax

Enter the amount of sales tax you collected.


  1. Dealer/Agent Signature

      An authorized representative from the dealership needs to sign in this section.


  1. Year of Trade In

If a vehicle was traded in, the year of the trade in vehicle goes in this section.


  1. Make of Trade In

If a vehicle was traded in, the make of the trade in vehicle goes in this section.


  1. Title Number of Trade In

If a vehicle was traded in, the title number (if known) goes in this section.


  1. Vehicle Identification Number of Trade In

If a vehicle was traded in, the VIN goes in this section.


Section 8 Motor Vehicle Identification Number Verification


This section is completed for all vehicles that are currently titled in another state.


  1. Vehicle Identification Number

A physical inspection of the car is necessary to complete this.  Physically look at the VIN plate on the vehicle, compare it to the certificate of title and transpose it onto this section.


  1. Date

Enter the date the VIN was verified.


  1. Signature

The person who verifies the VIN signs in this spot.  The person should be a person who works in the dealership.


  1. Printed Name

The printed name of the person who verified the VIN goes here.


  1. Law Enforcement Officer or Florida Dealer/Agency Name

The name of your dealership goes here.


  1. Badge # or Florida Dealer #

Your dealer license number goes in this section.



Section 9 Sales Tax Exemption Certification


There will be times when no sales tax is collected.  In those situations, utilize this section to tell us why.


  1. Purchaser Holds Valid Exemption Certificate

Put the Certificate of Exemption Number in this area.  Also submit a copy of the

exemption certificate.


  1. Motor Vehicle/Mobile Home/Vessel Will be Used Exclusively For Rental

If the Vehicle/Mobile Home/Vessel will be used for rental, enter the sales tax

registration number in this area.


  1. The described Motor Vehicle/Mobile Home/Vessel is not subject to Sales or Use Tax

Inheritance, Gift, Divorce Decree, Transfer Between Husband and Wife, Even Trade or Trade Down.  In dealer transactions, the most common scenario is “Even Trade or Trade Down.”


  1. Other

If the reason for 3 is Even Trade or Trade Down, the information of vehicle that was traded gets entered here.



Section 10 Repossession Declaration


If you finance vehicles, mobile homes, or vessels, this section is for the repossession should you need to repossess.


  1. Check the applicable box



Section 11 Non-Use and Other Certifications


This section has multiple purposes.  Check the applicable box or boxes


  1. I certify that the Certificate of Title is Lost or Destroyed

This box is checked with certain death case scenarios


  1. The Vehicle Identified Will Not Be Operated On The Streets And Highways Of This State Until Properly Registered

This box is checked in the event of a “title only”- no tag is being issued.

****A temporary tag cannot be issued if this box is checked*****


  1. The Vessel Identified Will Not Be Operated On the Waters Of This State Until Properly Registered

This box is checked in the event of a “title only”-no registration is being issued.

The FL number still needs to be transferred, but a Non-Use registration will be



  1. Other

This space can be utilized for 2 things:

Name is the same- i.e. “Jim Jones and James Jones are one in the same”

Disposal affidavit- A tag is being transferred onto the new vehicle and your customer did not trade in a vehicle.  In that instance, put the Year, Make and VIN of the vehicle the tag came off in this area.


Section 12 Application Attestment and Signatures


All persons who are applying for title need to sign in this section.  If more than two people intend to take title, more than one 82040 can be used. 


  1. We Physically Inspected the Odometer and Further Agree to Defend the Title Against All Claims

Although the Odometer Declaration (section 6) is completed by the dealership, the person/s signing this form are attesting that the number on the form is the odometer reading.


  1. Signature of Applicant (Owner)

The first listed owner signs and dates here.


  1. Signature of Applicant (Co-Owner)

The second listed owner signs and dates here.


Section 13 Release of Spouse or Heirs Interest


This section is completed in the event of a death case.  If you should acquire a vehicle that is because of a death, we advise you send your customer to the Tax Collector’s office.  Death cases can become quite involved. 


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