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Application for Replacement – Form 83146


This form is completed and remitted to the Tax Collector’s office when your customer needs to replace stolen or lost decals or license plates.


  1. We need to know what we’re replacing and why (check the appropriate box)

    Was it damaged, lost, defaced, or stolen?


  1. Owner/Applicant Identification


  1. Vehicle Information
    Enter Mobile Home information in this section. Be sure to include the decal number since that’s what we’re replacing.


  1. Attestment
    The customer must sign the application in this area (if applicable, identify what law enforcement agency the item was reported stolen to).


Power of Attorney - Form 82053 (not used often)


This form is used to appoint another party to sign on your customer’s behalf (i.e. husband signing for wife). We must have either the original or a certified copy of the form. Photocopies will not be accepted. In most situations, you will be the Power of Attorney and your customer will be the grantor. This state form is considered a limited power of attorney, meaning it can only be used for a specific vehicle, vessel or mobile home and it no longer requires notarization.


  1. Date and Full Legibly Printed Name is required

The full name of the person being appointed POA goes in this area. If your customer is appointing you, your full name should go here, not the dealership’s name.


  1. Is the POA for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel (check the appropriate box)


  1. Complete all the fields in this section including:

Body Type
Title Number


  1. Grantor’s information
    This section requires that the grantor provide Their Signature, Address, Drive License number, & Date of Birth


Multi – Purpose Affidavit – UDS 305


This is a Pinellas County form designed by us and approved by the state for use in title and tag transactions. This form is most often used to fix errors on title work. If you use this form to correct errors, it must be on your dealer’s letterhead.




  1. Year, Make and VIN


  1. Name is the same
    A common use for this form is as a name is the same affidavit. If your customer signs everything Sue Smith, but her legal name is Susan Smith, you can use this form to explain that to us.


  1. Other
    This is a catch all spot for title errors.


  1. Affiant’s Signature
    Sign, date, print and put affiant’s DL/ID Card # here.

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