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Acronyms, Terms & Definitions

FRVIS – Florida Real-Time Vehicle Information System (Tag & Titles)

ORION – Online Registration and Identity Operating Network (Driver License and DMV EFS system)

DHSMV, HSMV, or DMV – Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Tag & Titles)

DMS – Department of Motorist Services

DDL – Division of Driver License

DHSMV (DMV) Procedure Manuals:

            TL = Titles

            RS = Registrations

            VSTL = Vessel Titles

            VSRS = Vessel Registrations

            TA = Technical Advisory

UDS – Unified Document System (Tax Collector In-house Forms)


POA- Power of Attorney

ELT- Electronic Lien Title

VIN- Vehicle Identification Number

MSO/MCO:  Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.  This is initial ownership documentation on a new motor vehicle.

GVW/LOC:  Gross Vehicle Weight/Mobile Home Location Code.

RP – Real Property Mobile Home


TRANSFEROR:  Seller                              TRANSFEREE:  Buyer

ALTERATION:  A strike over, erasure, ink over, white out or any other method of change to an odometer disclosure statement or odometer declaration.

PENALTY FEE:  A fee charged when proof of ownership is not transferred within a specified time frame. (30 Days for titles)

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