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In this Section

Form 82994 is used:


      When the title is electronic

      When the odometer is to be carried over and the title is non-conforming

      When all the dealer reassignments have been used on the title



Vehicle Description


  1. This reassignment is supplement to

Title Number

State of Issue

Manufacturer’s Statement or Certificate of Origin


  1. Is the title electronic?



Do you have the title or is it being held electronically?  Remember you can verify this information on the state website.


  1. Vehicle Identification Number

Enter the VIN in this area.


  1. Year

Enter the Year of the vehicle.


  1. Make

Enter the Make of the vehicle.


  1. Body

Enter the Body type of the vehicle. 



Reassignment Information


  1. Name of Seller/Agent

Print the name of the selling dealership.


  1. FEID #

Put the FEID number of the dealership in this area.


  1. Dealer/Auction License

Put your dealer license number in this area.


  1. Street Address

Enter the address of the selling dealership in this row.


  1. Sales Tax Collected

Enter the sales tax that was collected.  This number should be the same as the

amount entered on the title and on the 82040 section 7.


  1. Sales Tax Registration Number

Enter the dealership’s sales tax registration number only if this is the last

reassignment to the customer.  It is not necessary to provide the sales tax

number for dealer-to-dealer swaps or in the event of an electronic title from

a retail customer to a dealer.


  1. Purchaser’s Printed Name

The purchaser prints their name here.


  1. Date of Sale

The date of sale is entered here.


  1. Purchaser’s Address

Enter the purchaser’s complete address on this row.


  1. Auction Name

If this vehicle was acquired through an auction, the auction information will go on

the next two rows.



Odometer Disclosure Statement


  1. 5 or 6 Digit Odometer

Check the appropriate box.


  1. Odometer Reading

Enter the odometer reading.


  1. Date the Odometer Read

Enter the date of the odometer reading.


  1. Odometer Attestment (check the appropriate box)
  • Actual
  • In Excess
  • Not Actual
  1. Printed Name of Seller

Seller’s name is printed here.


  1. Signature of Seller

Seller signs here.


  1. Signature of Purchaser

Purchaser’s name is printed here.


  1. Signature of Co-Purchaser

Co-Purchaser signs here.


  1. Printed Name of Purchaser

Purchaser’s name is printed here.


  1. Printed Name of Co-Purchaser

Co-Purchaser’s name is printed here.


  1. Purchaser’s Address

Purchaser’s address goes in this area.

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