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The Initial Registration Fee


The $225 initial registration fee must be collected when the owner does not have a license plate to transfer onto their new vehicle.


Some people qualify for an exemption from the $225 fee.  To determine if your customer qualifies, refer to form 82002.  If any of the situations listed pertain to your customer, complete this form, and submit it with your title work.



Transferring Plates


To transfer a plate from one vehicle to another, one of the registered owners must remain the same.


To assist you with this, here are a couple of questions to aid you in determining whether a new plate needs to be issued:


  • Do you have a plate to transfer?
  • Have you ever had a vehicle registered in Florida?
  • Do you have your current registration?


It’s a good idea to see the current registration, so you can determine if your customer is listed on the registration.   Use caution with similar names.  Just because two people have the same name, it doesn’t mean they are the same person.  It will also help you collect the correct fees.



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