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Pinellas County Tax Collector Driver License Fees

*Important Note: All Pinellas County Tax Collector services are charged a $6.25 service fee per transaction in addition to the licensing fees listed below

Class E Driver License
Originals, including learner licenses $48.00
Renewals $48.00
Replacements $25.00
Initial written and driving exam $0.00
Written re-exam $10.00
Driving re-exam $20.00
Motorcycle endorsement $7.00
Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL)
Originals $75.00
Renewals $75.00
Replacements $25.00
Each endorsement $7.00
Important Note: Pinellas County Tax Collector offices do not provide commercial road tests.
Late Fee
For all license renewals $15.00
Identification Cards
Originals $25.00
Replacements $25.00
Address Changes
All Licenses and ID Cards $25.00
Sanction Reinstatement Fees
Revocations $75.00
Suspensions $45.00
Disqualifications (CDL Related) $75.00
D-6 Fee (One fee covers all D-6 suspensions cleared on the same application. The fee is waived if the customer is paying other suspension/revocation fees, with the exceptions of Financial Responsibility suspensions or child support suspensions.) $60.00
Financial Responsibility Reinstatement Fees
Liability related suspensions $15.00
PIP related suspensions $150.00 to $500.00
Alcohol Related Transactions
Administrative fee for alcohol related reinstatements $130.00
Vision Examinations
Vision exams for driver license issuance $0.00


*Effective July 1, 2018, the $6.25 Tax Collector service fee does not apply to veterans' driver license or ID card transactions. Valid proof of honorable military service, such as a DD-214, is required. 

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